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  • Verité wrote "The Value of Creating a Community Benefit Strategy" in the summer 2014 edition of Texas Healthcare Trustees' Trustee Bulletin.




  • Verité presented "Developing a Comprehensive Community Benefit Strategy" and "Hospital and FQHC Partnership Opportunities for Community Benefit" at the Association for Community Health Improvement's March 2014 annual conference.



Verité Healthcare Consulting is unique in its credibility and expertise across the full breadth of community benefit activities, healthcare policy analysis, and strategic planning, including:


  • Accurate and optimized Schedule H reporting;
  • Community health needs assessment and implementation strategy;
  • Financial assistance, billing and collections policies and procedures;
  • Reimbursement analysis and payment system design; 
  • Effective staff, management, and governance infrastructure; and
  • Policy analysis and strategy development.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, Verité focuses on helping organizations optimize health for vulnerable people. 

Please take some time to discover how we can assist you.