Our Services

Healthcare organization community benefit and tax-exempt status

Our community benefit work includes:

  • Conducting CHNAs and developing Implementation Strategies to improve community health and help fulfill tax-exemption requirements;
  • Developing and refining community benefit accounting and reporting guidelines;
  • Crafting compliant and effective financial assistance, collections, and self-pay policies;
  • Preparing community benefit program assessments that identify opportunities for improvement across fourteen characteristics of compliant, effective programs;
  • Developing effective program management and governance structures; and
  • Guiding community benefit program strategic plans that integrate population health goals.

Financing and delivery of safety-net health services

The firm also offers public and private decision makers with expertise in the following areas:

  • Assessing and developing Medicaid and public program provider reimbursement methodologies and systems;
  • Conducting financial feasibility, business planning, anti-trust, and strategic studies;
  • Analyzing provider financial health and performance; and
  • Assessing the health impacts of transactions involving hospital assets.